YouthTech is glad to present you the Top 5 news articles of the week, selected from a range of topics closely related to the theme of our site. We hope to keep you updated on the latest trends of how technology is shaping our world and influencing the young generation. And of course, how today’s young people are using technology for a better world. Enjoy the read!


Happy 10th birthday, Facebook

Yes, Facebook is 10 years’ old! On Feb 4th, the word biggest social media site celebrated its 10th birthday. Did you join your friends in creating the video and showing your journey with Facebook? Or did you simply congratulate Facebook by sending a typical e-greeting?  Raju Mudhar shares a status update on how Facebook has changed the world we live in.
Read more on thestar.com.


Rwandan youth urged to take advantage of ICT opportunities

This week, young people in Rwanda joined a YouthConnekt Hangout initiated by the Rwandan Ministry of Youth and ICT. The event used the Google Hangout technology in combination with a variety of social media channels and SMS platform to connect young Rwandan both in the country and abroad. They dialogued with policy makers and shared their solutions on solving the development challenges the country is facing.
Read more on BITTECH Africa


The New Social Entrepreneurs: Young, Tech-Savvy – and Improving the World

Worldwide, more and more passionate and ambitious young people are starting their own enterprises. This technology savvy generation is leveraging the power of technology in changing the world. Annika Small, the chief executive of Nominet Trust, points out that for many of these digital entrepreneurs, what matters is not getting rich themselves, but to improve the world.
Read more on the Guardian.


5.6 Billion Reasons Retail Bankers Need a Smartphone Strategy Now

1 billion youth worldwide now own a mobile phone. With the global increasing adoption of smartphones, it is time for the retail bankers to redefine their strategy if they want to attract and retain this online generation of young customers. Perhaps in the near future the days of brick-and-mortar banking will be gone. Time to think of a smartphone strategy.
Read more on the Financial Brand.

Gmification and apps

Five ways tech is transforming the classroom in 2014

Technology is transforming the education system. In the past couple of years, gamification and e-learning are changing the traditional classroom experience. To get students more motivated and to increase the efficiency of teaching, teachers around the world are exploring and employing various educational technologies.  Kane Fulton presents us five ways technology is transforming the classroom in 2014.
Read more on Techradar

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