YouthTech is a blog hosted by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) to share technological innovations and ideas around the topic of economic empowerment of children and youth. It provides a platform where professionals and talented minds within the CYFI network and beyond engage in dialogues of the potentials of technology in enhancing financial capability of children and youth. Moreover, YouthTech also serves to share best practices and to document how technology is shaping the Child and Youth Finance Movement worldwide. We hope this will contribute to the understanding of what is needed for technology to make a difference in the current financial inclusion and education landscape and the ways of turning it into a reality.

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Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) leads the world’s largest Movement dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth. Launched in April 2012, the Movement has already spread to over 100 countries and has reached more than 18 million children.

The Movement leverages expertise and innovation from within its network of global organizations. Its partners and supporters include financial authorities and some of the world’s leading financial institutions, corporations, international NGOs, multilateral and bilateral organizations, foundations, renowned academics, and without a doubt, children and youth.

 The Movement has one central objective: increase the economic citizenship of children and youth. This means giving all children and youth aged 8- 24 the knowledge to make wise financial decisions , the opportunity to accumulate savings, and the skills to find employment, earn a livelihood and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

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